When Lippert began buying obsolete and slow moving inventory from on-highway truck and heavy equipment manufacturers in 1976, it was pioneering a business strategy and inventory management model that has become known as Partner-Optimized Inventory Management (PIM). Over 35 years, Lippert has remained the leading provider of PIM services to OEMs in on-highway truck, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, crane and material handling industries.

Lippert has leveraged the core concepts of the PIM model like no one else and has innovated a suite of programs and services. The driving idea behind PIM is that business solutions should not be short sighted. PIM represents Lippert's commitment to strategies that minimize the long-range negative effects caused by tactics designed to meet short-term business objectives.

At its very core, the PIM model is a long-range business strategy to accomplish the financial goals of inventory reduction and increased return on assets while mitigating the conflict between the supply chain and demand chain that results from the decreased capacity to service customers.