Dealer Returns

Your dealer returns cost you less in our warehouse than in yours.

As long as there are dealers, there will be returns. But the cost of processing returns and returning them to stock is a major burden on inventory management and the overall health of the company.

Lippert's Dealer Return program is a strategy that leverages the core tenets of the PIM model — to eliminate the majority of the overhead costs related to traditional dealer returns programs. When Lippert processes and purchases your dealer returns, these items become a part of the vast inventory available to your organization — resulting in decreased turnaround time and increased dealer satisfaction.

What's In It For You?

Greater Cost Savings.

Lippert partners are able to control costs and save more money, especially when compared to in-house processing.

Quicker Turnaround.

Dealer Returns are processed in as few as 10 days with Lippert.

Your inventory is worth more to you in our warehouse than in yours!