Box On Demand® (BOD®) gives Lippert Enterprises the ability to create the perfect box size for any shipment. Box on Demand, owned by WestRock, offers various box manufacturing machines. These machines allow packaging to be created in house, as needed, and for any size. The BOD systems use corrugated fanfold; which means that the packaging costs are constant regardless of the configuration, size, or quantity created. 

By utilizing a BOD system, Lippert Enterprises can save about 20% on packaging and shipping costs. It is also less wasteful as every shipment will be using the perfectly sized box which means that less filler material is needed to keep the shipment secure; on average a BOD system uses between 18-39% less corrugated material (depending on the dimensions of the packaging). In addition to requiring less material and producing less waste, the system decreases Lippert’s packing time by around 25%.

Lippert Enterprises currently uses the NextMode Series box machine model. BOD systems have a unique way of measuring product to create the perfect shipment box by utilizing the BOD Matrix™ Dimensioning System. It consists of a 3-panel table with barcodes across the surfaces of the panels. A part is placed in the corner of the Matrix where a barcode scanner is used to scan the dimensions of the product. The user then simply scans the type of configuration wanted for the box and then finally scans the “send” command to send the dimensions from the Matrix over to the BOD machine, where the fanfold will be cut into the correct size and configuration. The system also can save dimensions for later use if what is being measured is something that is frequently shipped. The BOD machine takes between 5 to 15 seconds for one pass which can produce 1 or multiple boxes. With the short manufacturing time of the boxes, they can be made as needed or in bulk for later use.

When Lippert first acquired a BOD machine, it was looking to improve customer satisfaction in a variety of ways. Lippert’s Operations Manager Jeff Bell had only praise for the BOD system; “Box On Demand has completely changed our business in terms of shipping. By using the BOD system, we save about 40% on pallet boxes compared to when we were buying them pre-cut. We also have seen a significant decrease in the number of items damaged in shipping since utilizing BOD.” By saving on shipping costs and decreasing the frequency of items damaged in transit, Lippert can offer higher quality service to our customers.  

Reduced costs and decreased item damage were only part of the benefits offered by the BOD machine. Bell also noted the increased number of items shipped, “While we do not have the hard data, we can positively say that we are able to pack and ship more product with no changes to labor before the pre-BOD days.” In addition to time-savings, Lippert is also able to ship products & items that were next to impossible previously: “We also now have the ability to package items that were simply impossible to ship previously, because they were too large. Now we can produce boxes to fit much larger or irregular shaped items.”

Box On Demand allows Lippert Enterprises to save on shipping costs, speed up handling/packaging times, and be less wasteful on packaging materials. Box On Demand is a versatile platform that allows Lippert to increase the rate and quality of our shipping services, which is vital to business when offering flexible inventory solutions to our customers.

About Lippert Enterprises, Inc. 

Lippert Enterprises, Inc. has 40 years of experience in adding value to our Heavy Equipment OEM partners’ aging inventory. Lippert aims to help our partners meet their inventory reduction goals while avoiding strain on the supply of decreased inventory. Lippert also offers various 3PL services, such as Dealer Returns Management, Packaging & Co-Packaging, Kitting, and Government Sales management.