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Extending the Life of Inventory

Inventory Management Services Customized for you!

We Purchase and Manage New OEM Obsolete and Slow Moving Inventory At the core of Lippert's Flexible Inventory Solutions is the purchase of excess inventory.
  • Free Up Capital
  • Improve Margins
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Better Manage Warehouse Space
Brand Loyalty Through Inventory Availability Let us help your Supply Chain better serve your demands and customers.
  • Support Brand Loyalty
  • Reduce Taxes
  • Increase Shipping & Handling Speed
3PL: Outsource Your Distribution, Fulfillment, & Storage We offer various 3PL services that are cost effective and offer fast turn around time.
  • Dealer Returns
  • Legacy Parts Management
  • Packaging & Co-Packaging
  • Kitting
  • Government Sales Management

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This is where we discuss your inventory challenges and goals. Lippert has over 40 years of experience and numerous OEM partners, and we have met a variety of inventory needs. We can help you achieve your goals; whether that means improving delivery time, streamlining dealer returns, or better managing warehouse space.


With an understanding of your goals and challenges, we can start planning your specialized inventory solution. Through collaboration, we will identify which Lippert services will best meet your needs.


Now that we've developed a plan, our partnership will flourish as we help you accomplish your inventory goals. Lippert offers custom reports, so you will be able to track the progress and improvement of your inventory management along the way.

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Lippert Enterprises: Adding Value to Aging Inventory

When our founder Larry Lippert began buying obsolete and slow-moving inventory from on-highway truck and heavy equipment manufacturers in 1976, he was pioneering a revolutionary inventory management model that changed how businesses handle their aging inventory. For over 40 years, we have helped on-highway truck, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, and crane OEMs improve their delivery times, streamline dealer returns, and free up warehouse space.

At Lippert, we believe that business solutions should not be short-sighted; they should be deliberately designed to minimize the long-range negative effects caused by tactics designed to meet short-term business objectives. We aim to help your business achieve financial goals of inventory reduction while mitigating conflict that usually results from decreased supply and capacity to service customers.

We also offer various 3PL Services, such as Legacy Parts Management, Packaging & Co-Packaging, Kitting, and Government Sales Management.

Our Mission Statement: Lippert Enterprises, Inc. aims to extend the life of inventory. This is achieved by offering flexible solutions to our partner networks. Lippert creates a sustainable future for our customers, employees, community, and shareholders through collaboration, active leadership, continuous improvement and the highest standards of integrity.

To learn what we can do for your business, contact us here!

How Lippert Enterprises Utilizes Box On Demand® to Better Serve Our Customers

Box On Demand® (BOD®) gives Lippert Enterprises the ability to create the perfect box size for any shipment. Box on Demand, owned by WestRock, offers various box manufacturing machines. These machines allow packaging to be created in house, as needed, and for any size. The BOD systems use corrugated fanfold; which means that the packaging costs are constant regardless of the configuration, size, or quantity created. 


By utilizing a BOD system, Lippert Enterprises can save about 20% on packaging and shipping costs. It is also less wasteful as every shipment will be using the perfectly sized box which means that less filler material is needed to keep the shipment secure; on average a BOD system uses between 18-39% less corrugated material (depending on the dimensions of the packaging). In addition to requiring less material and producing less waste, the system decreases Lippert’s packing time by around 25%.


Lippert Enterprises currently uses the NextMode Series box machine model. BOD systems have a unique way of measuring product to create the perfect shipment box by utilizing the BOD Matrix™ Dimensioning System. It consists of a 3-panel table with barcodes across the surfaces of the panels. A part is placed in the corner of the Matrix where a barcode scanner is used to scan the dimensions of the product. The user then simply scans the type of configuration wanted for the box and then finally scans the “send” command to send the dimensions from the Matrix over to the BOD machine, where the fanfold will be cut into the correct size and configuration. The system also can save dimensions for later use if what is being measured is something that is frequently shipped. The BOD machine takes between 5 to 15 seconds for one pass which can produce 1 or multiple boxes. With the short manufacturing time of the boxes, they can be made as needed or in bulk for later use.


When Lippert first acquired a BOD machine, it was looking to improve customer satisfaction in a variety of ways. Lippert’s Operations Manager Jeff Bell had only praise for the BOD system; “Box On Demand has completely changed our business in terms of shipping. By using the BOD system, we save about 40% on pallet boxes compared to when we were buying them pre-cut. We also have seen a significant decrease in the number of items damaged in shipping since utilizing BOD.” By saving on shipping costs and decreasing the frequency of items damaged in transit, Lippert can offer higher quality service to our customers.  


Reduced costs and decreased item damage were only part of the benefits offered by the BOD machine. Bell also noted the increased number of items shipped, “While we do not have the hard data, we can positively say that we are able to pack and ship more product with no changes to labor before the pre-BOD days.” In addition to time-savings, Lippert is also able to ship products & items that were next to impossible previously: “We also now have the ability to package items that were simply impossible to ship previously, because they were too large. Now we can produce boxes to fit much larger or irregular shaped items.”


Box On Demand allows Lippert Enterprises to save on shipping costs, speed up handling/packaging times, and be less wasteful on packaging materials. Box On Demand is a versatile platform that allows Lippert to increase the rate and quality of our shipping services, which is vital to business when offering flexible inventory solutions to our customers.



About Lippert Enterprises, Inc. 

Lippert Enterprises, Inc. has 40 years of experience in adding value to our Heavy Equipment OEM partners’ aging inventory. Lippert aims to help our partners meet their inventory reduction goals while avoiding strain on the supply of decreased inventory. Lippert also offers various 3PL services, such as Dealer Returns Management, Packaging & Co-Packaging, Kitting, and Government Sales management.


What is the Difference Between a 3PL and a 4PL?

It is important to shop around when looking for a partner to meet your logistic needs. The differences between 3PLs and 4PLs can be confusing as the lines between the two often blur. Below is a short description of the different types of logistics, with an example for each. While this breakdown is a general idea of how the different logistic types work, each logistics business operates in its own manner. Research and discussion should be done with potential 3PL and 4PL partners to learn what services they offer and which provider will be right for your organization.

First Party Logistics (1PL):

A 1PL is when a business handles transportation and logistics needs in-house. A local farm delivering milk to a convenience store would be an example of a 1PL.

Second Party Logistics (2PL):

A 2PL is a business that specializes in the transportation of products from one location to another. A local lumber-mill hiring a transportation company to deliver their wood to a hardware store is an example of a 2PL.

Third Party Logistics (3PL):

A 3PL is when a company specializes in the storage and transportation of product for another business. A 3PL may also oversee packaging and crating of product, and sometimes offer additional services as needed. 3PLs are usually asset-based but may subcontract out pieces of the logistics, such as transportation. 3PLs also may have more than one point of contact when referencing the supply chain. An example of a 3PL would be a manufacturing company contracting out the transportation, packaging, and warehousing of their product.

Fourth Party Logistics (4PL):

Like a 3PL, a 4th Party Logistics will oversee the transportation, packaging, and storage of a business’s product, but they will also give strategic direction to the business based on analytics. Often 4PLs are non-asset based and shop around for different vendors to complete a supply chain for the best value. A 4PL generally has one point of contact for everything referring to the supply chain. For example, an adhesive manufacturer that hires a 4PL will have their supply chain needs met with little to no involvement. The 4PL would offer strategic advice, such as suggesting to increase glue production based on market trends.

Which is Best for My Business?

If a business needs logistical support, they may be stuck deciding between a 3PL and 4PL provider. If your business is capable of researching market trends and conducting statistical analysis in-house, then the extra services offered by a 4PL may not be needed. There is no reason to pay for analytic support and advice if a business’s team is already handling it themselves. If a business does not have the capability to conduct the analytical research, then a 4PL may be desirable as it can offer insight that the business otherwise would be missing.

Lippert Enterprises offers various 3PL Services, such as: Legacy Parts Management, Packaging & Co-Packaging, Kitting, and Government Sales Management. To learn how Lippert can help you achieve your inventory needs, contact us here!

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