When our founder Larry Lippert began buying obsolete and slow-moving inventory from on-highway truck and heavy equipment manufacturers in 1976, he was pioneering a revolutionary inventory management model that changed how businesses handle their aging inventory. For over 40 years, we have helped on-highway truck, construction, mining, forestry, agriculture, and crane OEMs improve their delivery times, streamline dealer returns, and free up warehouse space.

At Lippert, we believe that business solutions should not be short-sighted; they should be deliberately designed to minimize the long-range negative effects caused by tactics designed to meet short-term business objectives. We aim to help your business achieve financial goals of inventory reduction while mitigating conflict that usually results from decreased supply and capacity to service customers.

We also offer various 3PL Services, such as Legacy Parts Management, Packaging & Co-Packaging, Kitting, and Government Sales Management.

Our Mission Statement: Lippert Enterprises, Inc. aims to extend the life of inventory. This is achieved by offering flexible solutions to our partner networks. Lippert creates a sustainable future for our customers, employees, community, and shareholders through collaboration, active leadership, continuous improvement and the highest standards of integrity.

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